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Will a repair cost me my deductible or will auto glass claims raise my rates?

No. This will not cost you anything or it will be a negative with your insurance company here is Florida. We will bill your insurance company for the repair*.

Florida Statute 627.7288 states:

Comprehensive coverage; deductible not to apply to motor vehicle glass.—The deductible provisions of any policy of motor vehicle insurance, delivered or issued in this state by an authorized insurer, providing comprehensive coverage or combined additional coverage shall not be applicable to damage to the windshield of any motor vehicle covered under such policy.

*A current full automobile insurance coverage is required.


What if I only have liability coverage?

Because liability insurance only provides coverage for damages to another vehicle, auto glass services are not covered under your liability policy. We offers multiple payment options including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and PayPal.


Do I need to contact my agent or insurance company?

No. We will handle the claim thru our processing company directly. Your insurance company will contact you to confirm that we did a repair for you. All you need to do is to accept the call and answer with “Yes” to confirm the repair.*

*Most insurance companies policy procedures. There are only a few exceptions.


Which is faster, repairing a chip or replacing the windshield?

Chip repair is much faster and more convenient than replacing a windshield. A chip can be repaired in almost any environment, mobile or at a dealership – with no loss of glass quality.


Which is safer for me, a chip repair or windshield replacement?

No windshield replacement is quite as safe as installed when your vehicle was built. With repair, we don’t need to remove the seals and potentially reduce the effectiveness of the OEM glass in your vehicle. Filling a chip or crack is safer, and allows you to drive away immediately after the repair.


Can you see anything in the glass where the windshield was repaired?

We guarantee the quality of our repair work. There is a possibility that the repair is still visible. The repair restores the integrity of your windshield. If you feel the repair isn’t to your satisfaction, we won’t charge for the repair.


Where can I go to get my chip repaired?

Florida Windshield Repair is a mobile service, so you can visit us or we can repair your windshield at your home or office. Please contact us at 786-462-4477 to set arrangements that work best for you.


Isn’t a windshield replacement more durable than a repair?

No. In fact, many glass shops use reduced quality glass to replace your windshield. This increases their profits – but significantly reduces the clarity and safety of your windshield. The same holds true for the adhesives used in replacement jobs. Some adhesives are much better than others, but also more expensive.

You can actually be put in harms way if the replacement shop uses an inferior adhesive. You must also pay attention to SDAT (Safe Drive Away Time) or your windshield could launch from your vehicle if you were in an accident within a few hours of the replacement job completion.


Will a brand new windshield help me sell my vehicle faster than just repairing it?

Not typically. Because of inferior windshield products often used by windshield replacement shops, you could actually decrease the value of your vehicle. A repair, however, leaves the windshield and its seal intact, only repairing the area that needed to be fixed. Windshield replacements sometimes leave behind funny noises such as rattles or cracking sounds.



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